10 Ways I Improved My Web Design Business

Here are ten things that directly impacted the success of my web design business:

  1. Build sales leads through face-to-face in person networking.
  2. Accept credit cards online.
  3. Require 50% payment in advance before starting a project.
  4. People will respect you more if you charge them what you’re worth.
  5. Spend equal amounts of time developing your own projects.
  6. Track your profit and loss scrupulously.
  7. Lock in repeat services like web hosting.
  8. Build a network of reliable outsource vendors.
  9. Establish referral partnerships.
  10. Find a product you can deliver and focus on it.

I started this as an email in response to an article on kevinboss.net and it morphed into its own blog post.  You can read Kevin’s article in full at:

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