11 Ways to Annoy People with Email

As a follow up to my post on automating sales with an auto responder, here are 11 ways to annoy people with spammy email practices:

  1. Don’t let me opt-out of your list. This is actually a legal issue. If you don’t have an opt-out method, you’re going to get shut down. Find a service provider who will do this for you – they’re not that expensive.
  2. Email me daily. The only people I want to hear from on a daily basis are my wife and my kid. Some days, not even them.
  3. Sales pitch me constantly. I know I signed up for an email list, and I recognize that you have a business to run, but can’t we talk about anything other than your amazing special offer?
  4. Use those pre-packaged marketing templates that look like everyone else’s. Actually, I like this one – it’s an easy way to tell which emails I can delete without reading them.
  5. Poor grammar. I also hate it when people type in ALL CAPS or use too much punctuation!!!!
  6. Send me generic content. You know – info about the weather in my area, local restaurant reviews, and other random stuff so you don’t have to type. I obviously get email, I probably have the internet too and I don’t need you to deliver it to me.
  7. Don’t include any contact information. What if I actually want to investigate you further? A little link to your web site goes a long way.
  8. Don’t have a web site. Why would I bother to invest in you if you’re not willing to invest in your own business?
  9. Don’t customize my email in anyway. You went to the trouble of collecting my first name, why aren’t you using it in your message?
  10. Write way too much. I have a limited amount of time in my day. Get to the point and have some respect for my time.
  11. Don’t include anything of value in your email. I hate when people send me stuff that talks about what they want from me without giving anything in return. Do you really not have a story or a helpful piece of advice you could share in your message?